3 types of fast and reliable loans for individuals

Currently, many individuals use bank loans. Indeed, this kind of financing solution is practical for carrying out a special project. Do you dream of a new computer? A washing machine? A car? To achieve one of these objectives, resorting to a financial loan is ideal. This is a great way to get the important funds to fulfill your wildest desires. Moreover, banks and institutions authorized to borrow money currently offer various attractive offers. But which loan is faster and more reliable for individuals? Details!

1.Quick consumption ready and without proof

1.Quick consumption ready and without proof

Consumer credit for individuals is a loan offer allowing the purchase of products or services. Besides, it makes it possible to obtain a large sum of money which reaches 75,000 euros. In addition, this type of loan is very quick and easy to take out. Indeed, it does not ask for supporting documents or complicated procedures. Just as any individual can subscribe to this offer. However, being of legal age is essential in your profile. To get a consumer loan, just do an online search. Moreover, the procedures for applying for consumer credit are currently facilitated by the internet. Just in a few clicks on an online loan simulator like https://www.moncreditrapide.info/, you can find the best deal on the market. Indeed, by going through this digital tool, you get a loan with an advantageous rate. But not only that, the other conditions of your future consumer loan will be very flexible.

2.Real estate credit for individuals

2.Real estate credit for individuals

The mortgage is currently available with simple and immediate terms. Indeed, thanks to the new current offers, many individuals subscribe to its subscription. But which offer to choose among these proposals? To find the best mortgage loan at the best rate, going through a comparator is recommended. Indeed, this online device greatly facilitates the research and the application for a loan for an individual. You get a quick response within 48 hours maximum. In addition, a repayment period spanning thirty years is also available with this loan.

3.Easy and immediate credit purchase

Difficulty repaying your financial loan? The ideal solution remains the repurchase of credit. This is a financial loan proposal for individuals in an insolvency situation. Indeed, borrowers who find it difficult to pay the monthly payments of their loan can use this offer. In fact, buying back credit is one of the different types of loans for individuals today. With this form of loan, you can successfully pay off your old bank credit. But not only, you will also have the opportunity to take advantage of new reimbursement conditions. In fact, you have to repay the loan repurchase with a new, much lighter monthly payment. You also have the option of staying on the same amount as the old credit, but with a much lower interest rate.


Borrow money I Also from private I Receive immediately within 24 hours

Borrow money – apply quickly and receive it immediately

Borrow money - apply quickly and receive it immediately

Borrowing money is the solution if your own savings are not quite sufficient or if you have to bridge the time until your next salary.

Sometimes investments have to be made immediately, which can not be long in coming.

Depending on the situation and the reason for borrowing, there are different ways to borrow money.

These include numerous different types of credit with or without Credit Bureau and the option to borrow money from private individuals.

Whether a loan with or without a bank, the most important thing is to get the money into the account quickly and immediately: best today.

Those who want to borrow money at short notice are often faced with many questions: What options are available to me and which option is the right one for me? Who can lend me money at short notice? How can I borrow money as quickly as possible?

Find out which type of money best suits your situation!

Fine bank helps to choose the right option and without having to apply a lot of paperwork.

Our service is 100% online and free of charge.

Borrowing money at short notice – what options are available?

Borrowing money at short notice - what options are available?

In some situations, equity is insufficient to make important investments. This can be a long-planned purchase or an urgent payment.

In these cases, you usually resort to borrowing money.

Generally speaking, there is the possibility to use a bank or to lend money privately and therefore without a bank.

Depending on the situation, different factors are usually decisive in choosing the type of loan.

In some cases it is particularly important that it is possible to borrow money immediately and with immediate payment, sometimes it is the terms or the required evidence that have top priority.

Therefore, there are numerous different ways to borrow money depending on the needs of the borrower.

These include:

  1. Instant Payout Options
  2. Possibilities to borrow money from a private person without a bank
  3. Offers without Credit Bureau and proof of income

The general rule is that an immediate disbursement is possible on the same day, especially for small loan amounts.

Borrow money securely and quickly from Fine bank

Borrow money securely and quickly from Fine bank

The search for serious, affordable ways to borrow money online is not always easy due to the large range.

Therefore it makes sense to compare offers on Fine bank and to get a good overview of the market. This way you can find and apply for the best option without spending a lot of time.

Fine bank lists numerous credit options from different providers and offers filters to make the comparison easier.

Fine bank not only helps in Germany, but also in ten other countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Spain to lend customers money and find the right offer.

On Fine bank you can filter the most important factors for you when searching for the right offer.

In this way, you can search for specific amounts, loans with fast payout times or options that are free of Credit Bureau.

Thus, the credit comparison at Fine bank helps to save valuable time when borrowing money. In addition, all offers listed on Fine bank are serious and without hidden costs and can be concluded online without paperwork.

How does money borrow from private?

How does money borrow from private?

Even if the term borrowing money is also used when borrowing from banks, the term borrowing or borrowing money is often immediately associated with borrowing money from private individuals.

Such an option is particularly useful if you are looking for an uncomplicated loan.

Loans from personal and personal loans are often used identically. The difference, however, is that in the latter the borrower is a private individual, while in the former the lender is the private individual.

Such a loan is granted to the borrower by private individuals and works in principle like a regular bank loan.

The borrower submits a loan application that includes some evidence and, after approval, receives the loan amount on his account.

In summary, borrowing money from a private person is as follows:

  1. Identification (via postident procedure or video identification)
  2. Verification of identity and creditworthiness by the credit platform
  3. Online placement of the loan application (including information on the income situation and the intended purpose)
  4. The borrower sets the interest rate
  5. Disbursement of the loan

In contrast to a bank loan, the details and creditworthiness of the lender are often checked by the credit platform when borrowing money from private individuals.

Borrow money privately – still in your account today?

Borrow money privately - still in your account today?

Often there is a desire to get the borrowed money into the account quickly or, if possible, on the same day.

There are providers who also enable lightning loans and loans with faster payouts from private individuals.

However, when borrowing money privately, the applicant submits a loan application online, which a lender then responds to. Depending on the platform and how attractive the loan application is, it can go very quickly or take a few days.

In order to find a lender as quickly as possible, it is important to call up a realistic interest rate.

Therefore, an immediate payment and thus a receipt of money on the same day can often not be guaranteed.

Can a provider pay out money today?

Can a provider pay out money today?

If you would like to receive the same day, there are some types of credit that will enable you to pay out quickly.

A short disbursement time can be obtained without any problems, especially with smaller loan amounts.

There are also some types of credit that are designed to enable quick payouts. These include, for example, instant payments, instant loans and lightning credits.

In order to enable a quick payment on the same day if possible, it makes sense to have all required documents ready.

Then the loan application can be processed online within a few minutes without any problems. The borrowed money is usually still available on the same or the next day.

Can I borrow money with immediate payment even without Credit Bureau?

Can I borrow money with immediate payment even without Credit Bureau?

If urgent payments are due, but the creditworthiness is only moderate, there is a desire for many to borrow money without Credit Bureau but with an immediate payment.

Lending money without Credit Bureau usually takes a little more time. Having the money in the account on the same day is therefore unrealistic without a Credit Bureau query.

Lending money without Credit Bureau is only possible with foreign banks, since German law does not allow loans without information.

For whom a quick payout is essential, it can be worthwhile to borrow money with Credit Bureau query despite the difficult Credit Bureau Score.

Because, unlike options without Credit Bureau, a quick payout despite Credit Bureau is often quite possible.

A Credit Bureau query is often more feared than necessary and does not necessarily stand in the way of borrowing.

Borrow money despite Credit Bureau or without Credit Bureau and proof of income

Borrow money despite Credit Bureau or without Credit Bureau and proof of income

If the creditworthiness is not too good, there is often a desire to provide as little evidence as possible.

Therefore, many are looking for ways to borrow money without Credit Bureau and often without proof of income.

However, this is usually not possible. If money is lent without Credit Bureau query, the income check serves as an alternative safeguard and vice versa.

With providers who offer offers without Credit Bureau and without proof of income, caution is advised. In most cases, such loans are dubious.

However, a moderate credit rating does not always mean that it is impossible to take out a loan – even with a Credit Bureau query.

Therefore, before lending money without considering Credit Bureau, you should always try to borrow money despite Credit Bureau.

This is often easier to implement than expected and saves money and additional effort. A Credit Bureau self-assessment can help to find out more about your own Credit Bureau Score.

If lending money is not successful without Credit Bureau, you can still use Credit Bureau-free options.

Borrow money immediately without Credit Bureau information and without creditworthiness

Borrow money immediately without Credit Bureau information and without creditworthiness

If there are concerns about the Credit Bureau Score, borrowers often want to bypass Credit Bureau information or even get a loan with no credit rating.

If there is no credit rating, borrowing is not possible. If the creditworthiness is not good, borrowing options without money can be an option.

However, borrowing should be very carefully considered, especially if the creditworthiness is difficult.

In such cases, banks refuse to pay money for good reason. This is also intended to protect the applicant from over-indebtedness.

It can therefore often make sense to refrain from borrowing and to implement the project if the financial situation has improved somewhat.

Borrow money from private individuals – liquid until the next salary

Borrow money from private individuals - liquid until the next salary

Advantages of a personal loan:

  • Approval is also possible with a poor credit rating
  • Freelancers and the self-employed can get good credit in this way
  • Repayment can be customized
  • Greater flexibility than with regular bank loans


  • Interest rates are often slightly higher
  • Fast payout times are often not guaranteed
  • In addition to interest, agency fees may apply

When borrowing money from private individuals, several factors are in the hands of the borrower. Both the interest rate and the scope of information on your own financial situation are largely determined by the borrower.

This can lead to inaccurate information and very low interest rates.

In order to successfully borrow money from a private individual, it is essential to make the information about the income situation and the project as precise as possible.

The same applies to interest: If you want to have a good chance of borrowing money, you should choose a realistic interest rate.

Borrow money quickly: online and without paperwork

Borrow money quickly: online and without paperwork

The possibilities to borrow money online have become more and more diverse and therefore more popular over the years.

There is a good reason for this:

Applying for loans online makes it easy to borrow money without a lot of paperwork.

Even if evidence is of course also required when applying for a loan online, processing is generally much easier than with a regular bank loan.

Therefore, online loans can be applied for and approved particularly quickly.

With an online loan application, the required documents are simply uploaded and checked in the shortest possible time.

Required evidence usually includes:

  • Proof of identity
  • Copy of the employment contract
  • Payroll for the past few months
  • Account statements from the past few weeks
  • Proof of creditworthiness

You can get information about a permit or a rejection for smaller sums within a few minutes.

Who can lend me money – get credit despite a negative Credit Bureau

Who can lend me money - get credit despite a negative Credit Bureau

When there is a shortage of money and a poor credit rating, the question often arises: Who can lend me money?

When borrowing money cannot be avoided and asking friends and family is not an option, many start to worry.

However, despite negative Credit Bureau it is often possible to get a loan. With small loan amounts, a negative Credit Bureau entry does not necessarily lead to a rejection.

The main reasons for this are:

  1. Worries about Credit Bureau are often unfounded: Your own Credit Bureau Score is often better than expected
  2. Many Credit Bureau entries are out of date and can be corrected

If it is not possible to borrow money in this way, options without a Credit Bureau query can offer a way out.

However, there is an urgent need to check whether it is really necessary to take out a loan and that it does not cause the borrower serious financial difficulties.

A credit check not only serves the lender as security about the financial situation of the applicant, but also gives the applicant a sense of which loan can be realistically managed for his own situation.

If possible, the better option is usually to wait until the credit rating has recovered somewhat and then borrow money.

Is it also possible for the unemployed to borrow money?

Is it also possible for the unemployed to borrow money?

For a long time it was difficult or even impossible to borrow money without employment and income. That has now changed.

Some providers offer loans that are also available for unemployed and Hartz 4 recipients. The project to lend money is quite difficult without any income.

These measures can increase the chances of getting a loan :

  • Choose an appropriate term – shorter terms mean lower costs
  • Rethink the loan amount and reduce it if necessary
  • Seek guarantor as security
  • Basic conditions such as a German bank account and a place of residence in Germany

As with many other loans that are given to people with difficult credit ratings, one should also be careful when borrowing money for the unemployed. There are reputable offers, but there are also many less trustworthy lenders.

Borrowing money – example

Borrowing money - example

Loan amount $ 12,500
running time 84 months
Eff. interest 10.90%
Borrowing rate 10.39%
Total amount $ 17,644

Does borrowing money from private means borrowing money without a bank?

Does borrowing money from private means borrowing money without a bank?

Even if the borrowed money comes from private individuals, the common term “credit without a bank” applies only to a limited extent.

Credit platforms generally work with so-called service banks, which give the money, even if it originally came from private individuals.

The service bank serves as an intermediary, as the granting of loans in Germany has to be carried out by a licensed bank.

However, the borrowed money naturally comes exclusively from private individuals and is not a classic bank loan.